Single Digital Market
for Industrial
Geospatial Data Assets


Opertus Mundi will deliver a trusted, secure, and highly scalable pan-European industrial geospatial data market, which will act as a single-point for the streamlined and trusted discovery, sharing, trading, remuneration, and use of proprietary geospatial data assets, guaranteeing low-cost and flexibility to accommodate current and emerging needs of Data Economy stakeholders regardless of size, domain, and expertise.


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In a nutshell

Value Chain

Study and analyze the geospatial data value chain in EU to suitably align and position the platform with current and emerging needs of owners and consumers from a technical, organizational, legal, and business perspective.

Contractual Compliance Lifecycle

Develop flexible, low-effort, complete, and automated facilities for managing the entire contractual lifecycle for geospatial data assets provided through the platform.

Data Catalogue

Develop and deploy a scalable and secure catalogue for commercial and proprietary geospatial assets handling the entire lifecycle of asset provision, discovery, sharing, purchasing, and use for owners and consumers.

Asset Provision

Develop comprehensive, flexible, and low-cost publishing workflows and methodologies to streamline the secure and trusted provision of industrial geospatial data assets from owners.

Asset Acquisition

Develop inclusive, homogeneous and intuitive facilities for the discovery, evaluation, purchasing, and use of industrial geospatial data assets from end-users.

Value-added Services

Develop a suite of scalable, secure, and low-cost value-added services built on top of industrial geospatial assets published in the platform, to facilitate their discovery, evaluation, sharing, purchasing, and use in a cross-border and cross-domain setting.