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Partners: Athena RC

Athena RC (ARC) is a Research Center with expertise in the areas of Big Data, Data Science, and Geospatial systems. ARC has been leading national and EU efforts in core areas of the Data Economy (Big, Open, Linked), applying its expertise in a cross-disciplinary setting to push the state-of-art, empower the industry and young innovators, exploit research output, and promote the EU and national vision, as well as lead and participate in lighthouse EU initiatives.

ARC led the inception and development of PublicaMundi, the first data catalogue placing geospatial assets as first-class citizens, and has developed the geospatial data integration, fusion, and enrichment technologies of SLIPO with validated benefits in terms of coverage, quality, and richness. Further, it has significant expertise in the specific topic of geospatial data management in several fields (e.g., environment, mobility, logistics, EO). ARC is participating in several international and EU standardization initiatives (e.g. INSPIRE, OGC) towards promoting the adoption of its innovations in the geospatial communities. Further, it is actively promoting the open geospatial data agenda in Greece, having founded geodata.gov.gr (the first open data portal in Greece), being an Excellence Center in Open Source GIS (ma.ellak.gr), and by regularly organizing Hackathons to democratize geospatial technologies and assets in young innovators of the Data Economy. Members of ARC are contributing in open source/standards (e.g. OSGeo, W3C) and communities to maximize the impact of their R&I output. ARC maintains close ties with BDVA activities, while its members serve in the BDV PPP Steering and Technical Committees. 

TU Delft leads research activities in all areas of computer science, with industry-acknowledged expertise in data management and data science, engaging large industrial partners, innovators, and startup companies (e.g., Delft Data Science initiative, YES!Delft,). It holds significant expertise in the cross-disciplinary application of Big Data and ML (e.g., health, smart cities), is performing forward-thinking research (e.g., quantum computing, nanobiology), and attracts talent from a vibrant local community (aka the ‘nerdy’ city). Further, DEL actively promotes Open Science and the application of Big Data for addressing societal challenges (e.g., Open Education Award 2018).



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