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16—Nov—2022, by Intza Balenciaga


Welcome to!

Europe’s new geospatial data marketplace to explore, sell, purchase, and use geospatial data whenever you want and wherever you are. This brand-new marketplace has been created specifically for data suppliers to boost and contribute to scaling up geospatial data.

The marketplace will benefit data sellers and data buyers alike – with a vision that can be summed up in four words: SEARCH. SHARE. TRADE. USE. helps unlock the value of data at one central stop hub, free of charge! In a few words, the marketplace is just the beginning for a more secure, sustainable, fast, and stable way of trading geospatial data for data owners and consumers alike.

Would you buy a car without trying it before? Exactly! will offer geospatial data suppliers full transparency, as you´ll know what you´ll get before purchasing data in the marketplace. is now open for beta testers and we want to provide data suppliers the chance to put geospatial data at the spotlight whenever you want and wherever you are, free of charge! As Topio is currently in open beta phase, we want you to visit and register as a data supplier.

If you’ve been struggling with unlocking the value of your data, we have the solution for you at one central stop hub. Uploading your geospatial data to Topio can´t get any easier: publishing a sample will suffice to get to know the marketplace audience and vice versa!

Whether you want to get your own personal and secure cloud space; manage, manipulate, analyse and visualise geospatial data; and/or get a playground to simplify and accelerate workflows designed by and for geospatial data scientists, Topio has the right services for you.

If you´re interested in learning more about Topio, feel free to reach out to We´re eager to collect your feedback to improve the marketplace before it enters production operation in 2023. So if you have 2 minutes, we’ll be delighted to hear what you think via this satisfaction survey.

This is just the beginning for a more secure, sustainable, fast and stable way of trading geospatial data. Join us and register to find out more!

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