Introducing Topio

30—Sep—2020, by Roleplay

After thorough research and meticulous brainstorming, the OpertusMundi consortium is pleased to announce the name of its new EU-wide geospatial data marketplace: TOPIO. Topio is coming from the greek word “τόπος” (meaning, place) and from the also greek word “τοπίο” (meaning, landscape). The suffix “io” is associated with the tech industry and recalls the information technology’s binary system (1010101..).

τοπίο < medieval greek τοπίο < common greek τόπιον < τόπος < indoeuropean (root) *top- (stand-κείμαι)

Topio’s logo is following the concept of OpertusMundi’s logo, building upon the fact that all points on earth have one thing in common: their coordinates. It has thus been stylized so it bears the punctuation marks characteristic of coordinates.

topio logo

Topio’s vision can be summed up in three words: EXPLORE. TRADE. USE. The new marketplace shall help businesses grow their online sales in the geospatial market, benefiting data sellers and buyers alike, all in an easy way; all through a single point of entry. We plan to make it SIMPLE. COST-EFFECTIVE. SAFE. for data owners and consumers.

Topio onboarding started

Beta operations for the marketplace will start in early 2021. The Call for Interest for early adopters is now open and you can learn more about the six planned marketplace features here.

Data owners will be able to participate free of charge for Topio’s first three years in operation and all the early users can take advantage of free hands-on training and onboarding.

Sign in for free and be notified first on the start of the invitation-only beta in early 2021 by visiting