Survey Insights (2) – Excellent results for the six planned marketplace features

24—Jun—2020, by Kathrin Lenvain

The Horizon 2020 project OpertusMundi is aiming to establish nothing less than a geospatial data marketplace for Europe and deliver a breakthrough in the trading and sharing of commercial geospatial data assets across borders and sectors.

Six key services will make the work of geospatial data owners SIMPLE. FAST. COST-EFFECTIVE. AND SAFE. In a survey conducted from March to May, we asked data owners and producers to give us their feedback on these game-changing features. The results reflect an excellent rating for all the services planned and huge potential demand among geospatial owners and producers. Meanwhile, OpertusMundi seeks to benefit not just data sellers, but users, as well.

Curious to learn more about what makes this marketplace unique? Here’s a description of all features and their benefits:

Asset Catalogue Rated 3.95 out of 5.0

This will enable data owners to place their data assets in a more searchable way, increase their visibility, expand their market reach, and make use of integrated asset management.

Contract and Licence Alignment Service Rated 3.38 out of 5.0

This feature will highly simplify licensing and contracting and harmonise the usage and trading of geospatial data assets. Consumers will also benefit from detailed, up-front information on terms and conditions.

Digital Marketplace Rated 3.52 out of 5.0

This will minimise effort for data owners from a technical, organisational, legal, and business perspective while simplifying the sharing and purchasing of data assets.

Secure Asset Repository Rated 3.38 out of 5.0

This service will handle the delivery of data assets and automatically enforce IPR protection. The trusted and secure OpertusMundi marketplace will increase the value of assets by safeguarding the IPR of owners and providing copyright protection for instruments.

Secure Geospatial Data Lake Rated 3.43 out of 5.0

This will automatically handle the harmonisation and transformation of data assets. It will also make it possible to incorporate data assets and deliver them to consumers in new formats and modalities.

Value-Added Services Rated 3.76 out of 5.0

With this service, owners can provide, market, and monetise their assets through new product offerings, business models, and value chain instances provided directly within the platform in order to generate added revenue.

Stay tuned

The marketplace’s name will be announced this summer and its beta phase will start in early 2021.