The Third Topio Testimonial Is Out: This Time With WIGeoGIS!

14—Jun—2022, by Intza Balenciaga

Meet Zoltan Daroczi, CEO and Founder of WIGeoGIS.

Mr. Daroczi graduated from the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration with a degree in Business Administration. He focused on advertising and market research, business informatics and economic geography. He also graduated the University Course for Geoinformation from the Vienna University of Technology. Zoltan is the co-founder and managing partner of WIGeoGIS since 1993. Ms. Kathrin Lenvain, Business Development at AZO, and Intza Balenciaga, Project Manager at AZO, spoke with him about WIGeoGIS – a company that combines market data and geodata into Geographic Information Systems — and his thoughts on a marketplace like Topio. Don’t miss the interview below, hot off the press!


  1. Since 2021, WIGeoGIS has been part of an international EU-wide consortium that is building Europe’s next marketplace for sharing, trading, and searching commercial geospatial data. Can you explain the project in brief? Why is now the best time for this project?

Our clients’ requirements, which we analyse and solve using digital map solutions, always have a strongly localised reference. For instance, the opening of a new location or competitor branch, the effect of an advertising billboard, the impact of an earthquake or flood event on insured properties, etc. There are some larger geodata providers that offer geodata and regional market data globally in comparable quality and a uniform data structure. This offers certain advantages for clients, as analyses can be set up internationally according to the same pattern. However, there are always smaller companies in each country that prove to be local specialists, have a very high level of local know-how, and thus have higher-quality data than the big players. But these local specialists are often very difficult to find. Only Topio allows local heroes to become visible and thus remain globally competitive. Topio enables the connection between customers searching for data and local specialists.


  1. WIGeoGIS uses geospatial data on a daily basis. What are the biggest challenges you encounter when searching for data?

Digital marketplaces are already established for other areas. The challenge is that we want to make data in the marketplace immediately usable in the form of analyses. This distinguishes us from classic marketplaces.

When our customers are looking for data, they often only need information that shows how many inhabitants can be reached within a 15-minute drive-time isochrone. They might also be interested in the age-group distribution in the catchment area. You do not necessarily need the population figures of an entire country for this. Data portals usually allow you to purchase raw geospatial data for further processing with special geographic information systems (GIS). In some cases, it is also possible to purchase data for small regional extracts, but the data processing must always be carried out by the customer. Topio should make it possible to buy the data and also to use it immediately within the marketplace in the context of analyses. The integration of services in Topio is certainly a great opportunity. In the future, services will make it possible for small companies to benefit from the advantages of geodata, even if they do not have geo know-how or the corresponding software. This means that Topio offers geospatial data and corresponding analyses on demand.


  1. How can Topio benefit geospatial data users and traders?

Data producers get a new sales channel based on clear, transparent terms and fair rules, ensuring a high level of security. In addition, producers can reduce the time spent on data delivery if they choose the option to automate data delivery through Topio.Market.

Users and potential data buyers have an overview of current providers and get transparency and security regarding data quality, licences, contracts and payment processing.


  1. Which customers will benefit from Topio in particular?

We are experts in geo-marketing and should basically have a good overview of the world of geospatial data providers in this field. However, the market for commercial geospatial data is very dynamic and constantly growing. It is difficult to discover newly emerging start-ups and small, local, highly specialised SMEs with great data products. These SMEs can benefit greatly from Topio by quickly becoming visible across Europe, and Topio can provide them with a good platform and basis.

It is also difficult for us to quickly present an overview of all providers of a certain data product for a country. Our customers usually do not know which data providers exist for certain products and regions and, above all, how their products and licensing options differ in detail. Topio helps to greatly simplify procurement processes and reduce the risk of data purchases. You know before you buy what the data offers and under what contractual conditions it can be obtained. SMEs therefore benefit in particular.


  1. Can you give us a concrete example of how the marketplace will help you in your daily work?

The marketplace offers a kind of shopping experience by allowing independent “browsing” of data sets and a comparison of different providers. “Try before you buy”. In this way, you quickly get an initial overview of potential suppliers without having to get in touch with a sales representative from the company. After your research, you can either buy directly via the portal, or you have the option of contacting the provider again directly, e.g., if you have very specific data usage requirements that are not covered by the contracts in Topio. Basically, Topio saves a lot of time compared to classic data searches and conveys a shopping feeling.

WIGeoGIS is both a consumer and a data producer. Topio will help us, for example, to considerably reduce the effort involved in delivering our standard data. We can now use this time for the further development of our products.


  1. What potential do you see for Topio in Europe?

No matter whether end customers or resellers, the big players are well-known. But Topio also gives small companies and SMEs a platform. Topio.Market is the best of both worlds. The big players will be available, but local heroes can also be part of the Topio marketplace.


  1. Why should companies become customers of the Topio marketplace?

Topio promotes transparency in the data market. The comparability of data and the transparency of prices are fundamentally good for end customers, as transparency will have a positive effect on the price development of products.

Topio makes it easy to open up new markets. Topio generates visibility! As a customer, you have the opportunity to get to know new providers.


  1. Topio is currently looking for beta users to get started. Why is now a good time to get involved in the marketplace?

The first beta users will receive special support from the consortium during the first phase. The feedback is also directly integrated into the release planning, so beta users have the opportunity to directly influence product development.


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