Public consultation on Data Act

01—Jul—2021, by Kathrin Lenvain

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Shape the new Data Act for a fair European Data Economy!

The European Commission is currently gathering views to shape the new European Data Act that will set the future of the Digital Economy in Europe. Major goal will be to amend the rules on the legal protection of databases. This legislative initiative aims to create a fair data economy by ensuring access to and use of data for legitimate purposes, including in business-to-business and business-to-government situations.

The consultation will collect information such as: Business-to-government data sharing for the public interest, business-to-business data sharing, Tools for data sharing: Smart Contracts, Clarifying rights on non-personal Internet of Things data stemming from professional use, Improving portability for business users of cloud services, Complementing the portability right under Article 20 GDPR, Intellectual Property Rights – Protection of Databases as well as safeguarding for non-personal data in international context.

Europe’s new digital geospatial marketplace

Topio will be a top-class, trusted and secure marketplace for proprietary geospatial data all across Europe. It will simplify the search, share, trade and use of geospatial data for data users as well as for data owners and producers. It will be the central hub and a one-stop shop for the streamlined and trusted discovery, remuneration, sharing, trading, and use of proprietary and commercial geospatial assets. The platform will highly benefit from the Data Act on a European level as it will be legally framed by it. Sign up to be notified on the latest news for Topio at

Now it’s your turn!

Give your view on what is important for you and your business concerning the sharing of data! Take part in the currently open public consultation of the European Commission and fill in an online questionnaire (available in several official EU languages). The consultation is open until 03 September 2021. More details here