“Geospatial Data and AI in Public Infrastructure Decision-Making” ECOPIA AI webinar

25—Aug—2022, by Kathrin Lenvain



Article by Asma Idder, CMG LEGAL – Avocats

On May 4th, 2022, CMG LEGAL participated in a webinar called « Geospatial Data and AI in Public Infrastructure Decision-Making » and organized by Ecopia AI, a Toronto-based industry leading artificial intelligence company that specializes in extracting insight from geospatial big data. The discussion focused on geospatial data in planning & decision-making across transportation, water & sewer utilities, and other mission-critical applications.

In particular during the second discussion titled: « Leveraging National Transportation Right-of-Way Mapping Data to Empower Planning & Decision-Making » the discussion highlighted the needs for high-precision data in critical decision-making of public policies, including transportation.

For instance, municipalities need foundational geospatial information layers including pedestrian & road networks, lane information, landscape, buildings and others Having the right geospatial data can be a game changer for urban planners to better target capital investments in a fair and inclusive manner across their jurisdictions leading to greater community benefit.

We discussed the concept of ‘continuous and sustainable data development’ and the importance of having such datasets regularly updated to ensure any critical public decision making and planning is sustained through these high accuracy datasets. The panel of this discussion featured right-of-way experts from leading agencies on discussions on how important geospatial data is and how they’re implementing geospatial solutions to improve their planning and infrastructure decision-making.