Which is EU’s high-value data?

11—Feb—2020, by Spiros Athanasiou

Yes, you guessed right, it’s geospatial!

Capgemini Invent, recently prepared a study as part of the European Open Data Portal project, in which a critical goal of EC’s policy for open data was examined: which are the high-value data (HVD) for EU?

You can find the study here, and a few highlights from the study below:

The focus on increasing the supply of high-value public data for re-use is one of the substantive changes introduced to the legal text of the latest Public Sector Information and Open Data Directive, so as to fully exploit the potential of public sector information for the European economy and society. The Open Data and PSI Directive prescribes that “for the purpose of ensuring their maximum impact and to facilitate re-use, the high-value datasets should be made available for re-use with minimal legal restrictions and free of charge. (…). The Directive defines a list of six target HVD thematic categories.

  • Geospatial
  • Earth Observation and environment
  • Meteorological
  • Statistics
  • Companies and company ownership
  • Mobility

OpertusMundi directly targets four of the six HVD thematic categories for industrial data assets, establishing itself as the most aligned industrial data marketplace with EC’s policies. This is both a validation for the inception and ambition of our work, as well as a responsibility for addressing the acute needs of our Digital Single Economy for high-value industrial geospatial data assets.