Web survey for data owners, producers, and consumers

18—Mar—2020, by Kathrin Lenvain

Let’s build a geospatial data marketplace for Europe!


Opertus Mundi aims to set up a geospatial data marketplace for Europe. Our vision? The ability to easily search for, share, trade, and use geospatial data assets through a single point of entry that guarantees affordability and flexibility in line with YOUR needs.

That’s why we need YOUR expertise to help us design the platform according to your requirements as a geospatial data owner or consumer!

How will you benefit?

Opertus Mundi will provide a central hub for geospatial data that guarantees low costs and flexibility to all users regardless of their size, domain, and expertise.

As a geospatial data owner or producer, you can advertise, market, and sell your data assets. You can significantly expand your reach, tap into new markets and territories, and increase your clientele and profitability.

As a geospatial data consumer, you can discover, evaluate, and purchase geospatial data assets. You can increase the demand for high-quality and proprietary geospatial data assets, facilitate informed purchase decisions, and make the process of obtaining geospatial data faster and simpler.

Tell us what’s important, and we’ll build it the right way!

If you own, produce, or consume data, please take a few minutes to take part in our survey and join us in shaping Europe’s industrial geospatial data marketplace!

TAKE the SURVEY as geospatial data consumers (approx. 7 min.): here

TAKE the SURVEY as geospatial data owners and producers (approx. 15 min.): here

The aim of these surveys is to gather feedback for our consortium on how to design the platform so that it suits the needs of users and their specific requirements.