Hello World!

17—Jan—2020, by Spiros Athanasiou

Welcome to the OpertusMundi website, the place where you can learn more about what the OpertusMundi project will be developing in the upcoming three years.

The goal of OpertusMundi is to deliver the first EU data marketplace for industrial geospatial assets, addressing a critical need for our Digital Single Market and the Data Economy.

Our emphasis on geospatial data is visualized in the project’s identity and web site. Starting from our logo, which is a metaphor of geospatial coordinates, the references for the basic form of geospatial data visualization, maps, are evident across all visual components. Even the project name has been selected to define and constantly remind of our ambitions. OpertusMundi is a paraphrase of Imago Mundi (image of the world), one of the first Babylonian maps, with opertus signaling our emphasis on proprietary data.

You can already learn more about the challenge we address, the objectives of the project, and the impact we aim to have. In the upcoming months you will be able to learn more about our results by visiting our public source code repository, checking our deliverables and publications, and of course checking our regular blog posts with updates on our work.

See you soon!