First European Alliance on Data Spaces

27—Sep—2021, by Kathrin Lenvain

A strong sign for Data Space in Europe

On 22 September 2021, BDVA, FIWARE, Gaia-X and IDSA have launched the Data Spaces Business Alliance (DSBA) following the mission to drive the adoption of data spaces across Europe. It is the first initiative that brings together industry players to realise a data-driven future in which EU stakeholders can unlock the full value of their data through Industrial AI, based on interoperability, portability, sovereignty, and trustworthiness.

Highlighting its importance

The alliance will be one joint approach and common framework to implement data spaces. It aims to bring together data providers, users and intermediaries as data spaces are key to driving businesses to unlock the value of data. The Alliance’s founding organisations represent 1,000+ leading key industry players, associations, research organisations, innovators, and policymakers worldwide and will give the topic the necessary focus and importance. With this cooperation will contribute to shapes standards and enable integration across industries.

Topio – a driver for integrating automated metadata in marketplaces

With the Topio Marketplace, the Opertus Mundi consortium, is perfectly in line with pushing for the importance of Data Space in Europe. As part of the project, the consortium is focusing to a huge extend on developing automated metadata service that will be a major value-added service of Topio. We designed a comprehensive collection of automated metadata elements from vector, raster, and multi-dimensional geospatial data assets to be integrated into the asset publishing process.


Opertus Mundi builds Europe’s the new geospatial marketplace called Topio, a central hub to explore, trade and use proprietary and commercial assets and value-added services. The platform will be fully aligned for Industrial Data Spaces, ensuring interoperability, expanding the coverage of data spaces in high-value geospatial assets, and tapping into EU stakeholders of the broader data value chain.

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